Silver Recovery

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Silver Recovery


The metallic ion exchange process for recovering silver from spent fixer and rinse water solutions generated by silver halide photochemistry. All products are made of low carbon steel required for this application.


  • Steel wool offers properties of chemically available iron.
  • Extremely high surface area to weight ratio.
  • Structural integrity in a single component system.
  • GMT offers technical support to choose the best product for your application.


  • Steel Wool Reels – We offer the widest array of standard sizes and formats of steel wool reels as well as custom applications. Design considerations such as fiber thickness (grade), density, overall dimensions, and core type can be specified to meet the individual needs of your application.
  • Chopped Fiber – Where finely divided steel fibers exhibiting superior flow characteristics are required, these fibers are used primarily in applications with narrow mouth vessels requiring a dense pack of fibers with uniform flow-through characteristics. Can be produced to customer specifications.
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