Separation Materials

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Separation Materials

Applications for GMT separation media include, but are not limited to, mist eliminators coalescers, and tower packing.


  • Fibers are available in a number of different alloys and fiber sizes
  • High surface area
  • Consistent density and lower pressure drop
  • Strong mechanical interlocking of the fiber structure allowing a very low density (high flow) media with excellent isotropic strength and longevity

The micrograph illustrates the complex pore structure of metal fiber media, which forms the tortuous path critical to coalescing performance.

Product Information:

  • GMT’s Separation media are part of a large family of filtration and separation products
  • Fibers are available in stainless steel and many nonferrous alloys, in sizes from 2 microns to 200 microns
  • Densities from 2% dense to over 70% dense are possible while maintaining superior media integrity and uniform flow characteristics
  • Sheets can be produced up to 105 wide x continuous length, or cut to any size & shape
  • For OEM applications, GMT’s Separations Media provide designers with the flexibility to choose the most economical media for the job
  • In maintenance or rebuild situations, GMT offers fast turn-around and flexible configurations to minimize down time
  • Most GMT media are available in bulk, rolls, and cut parts such as net shape “plies” that can be rolled up to fit through man-ways, then unrolled and stacked to proper height and density in one step
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