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Steel Wool Reels

Steel Wool Reels
  • All grades for all industrial and cleaning applications
  • Most consistent quality available in the market
  • Fast delivery via large distribution network

Floor Pads

Floor Pads
  • The leading producer of steel wool floor pads in the world
  • We produce radial (fluffy) and Metrix™ (flat) pads for all floor finishing applications
  • The largest selection of diameters and grades are available through a large distribution network

Steel Wool Hand Pads

Steel Wool Hand Pads
  • Producer of hand pads for over 100 years
  • All grades are available from finest to coarsest
  • Fast delivery via a large distribution network

Laminated Abrasives

Laminate Abrasives
  • Innovative products for mechanical and non-mechanical polishing and abrading
  • Patented Metrix™ process ensuring excellent quality
  • Can be made for specific power tool specifications

All Purpose Polishing Cloth

All Purpose Polishing Cloth
  • For fine surface finishing
  • Patented Metrix™ process ensuring quality
  • Made in the USA

Bronze Polishing Pads

Bronz Polishing Pads
  • For marine polishing applications
  • Available only from GMT
  • Re-useable