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Abrasives and Polishing
The most extensive product line of steel wool abrasive and polishing products. Conventional steel wool products such as hand pads, floor pads, and steel wool reels as well as new finishing products are available.




Automotive Products
GMT produces many products for the automotive industry including steel and non-ferrous fibers for brake linings, stainless products for exhaust systems, and materials for gaskets and sealings.




Filtration Products
Our filtration products consist of sintered metal media and conventional metal wool separation products. All products are available in a wide array of alloys.




Industrial Products
Steel wool products for many industrial applications which include unique non-ferrous alloys for special industrial requirements and patented Metrix ™ metal products for high tech needs.



Janitorial Supplies
A full line of steel wool products for janitorial needs offering the best quality steel wool products in the market. We have a large network of distribution for convenient and fast delivery.




Silver Recovery and Reactive Materials
Our extensive line of steel wool products for photographic silver recovery including configured reels and fibers. We also offer Electrowinning products for the mining industry.




Reinforcing Materials
Many unique products for the purpose of reinforcement where metal fibers or wool are required. This includes concrete, structural panel, and fiber composite applications.




Steel Wool Soap Pads
Private label antimicrobial soap pads produced in the USA for consumer and food service markets. GMT offers its own well-known brand DuraBlu™ which has a long history and reputation of quality.