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Global Material Technologies

We have been evolving with market dynamics since our founding in 1896 as American Steel Wool Manufacturing Company, Inc. Through continued growth and expansion, GMT serves customers in every industrialized country in the world. Global Material Technologies is more than our company name. It’s what we do.

Our Global Vision Makes Us Different.

GMT understands the changing nature of global expansion. We have established a comprehensive network of sales agents and support personnel that allows us to serve our customers in a uniquely efficient, effective and timely manner. This global effort is driven by the high quality individuals who work at each local facility.

Our Innovation Makes Us Better.

From our core business of supplying raw materials based in metal wool and fibers, GMT continually broadens its capabilities. Our strength remains in our unique ability to understand our customers’ needs and develop cost effective solutions. This philosophy has fueled our growth and drives our future.

Who Is GMT

Our mission is to optimize the long-term economic values of our assets and resources while meeting our responsibilities to our customers, investors, fellow employees, suppliers and communities. To do this, we will focus on the following:

  • Providing customers with the highest value through quality products, delivery and service.
  • Seeking opportunities in the marketplace anticipating and understanding change.

Our people are our most important resource and will be treated with dignity and respect.

  • We will provide an environment where all individuals can work safely, develop and use their skills and contribute to the success of GMT.
  • We will provide leadership, planning and teamwork at all levels of the organization.

Corporate philosophy and management objectives of Global Material Technologies mandate that:

  • GMT will produce and distribute products and services that meet or exceed our own requirements as well as those of our customers.
  • GMT will do this by creating, measuring and achieving quality goals.
  • Every employee is responsible for ensuring the highest level of quality and the continual improvement of the products and services we offer.

GMT Environmental Footprint Statement & Results
As a global manufacturer of consumer and automotive products, GMT recognizes that energy usage, water consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste to landfill affect our climate and may pose a serious threat to the environment. We believe that everyone shares responsibility to improve energy and water usage efficiency, reduce GHG emissions and lower waste going to landfill. GMT supports global, national and local efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change and promote efficient use of natural resources. GMT is committed to reducing energy usage, water consumption, GHG emissions and waste to landfill by 3-5% per year per pound of product produced by increasing operating efficiencies and continually improving technologies.

-> 2017-2018 Statement and Results

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