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The All-Purpose Polishing Cloth


  • Wood: Used alone or with a good quality spray polish or paste wax, provides the optimum sheen on all your wood surfaces including cabinets, furniture, baseboards, woodwork, and paneling.
  • Glass: Can be used alone without any liquid agent to clean and polish glass surfaces. Excellent for mirrors, windows, shower stalls, and other glass surfaces.
  • Metal: Can also be used with or without a cleaning compound. Can be used on brass lamps, railings, and fixtures as well as other decorative metal surfaces.


  • We combine the finest “0000” steel wool with soft synthetic fibers in a composite textile using our own patented process.*
  • This method produces a product ideal for polishing fine wood finishes, cleaning glass, and brightening dull metal surfaces.
  • They are re-useable and are designed to easily produce and maintain a professional looking finish.
  • The combination of a fine grade steel wool with the soft synthetic fiber reduces the risk of cutting too deeply into a fine finish, while still achieving the gloss level desired with minimal effort.
  • On metal surfaces, the cloth brightens by removing only the dull oxide layer without scratching even soft metals like copper and aluminum.
  • Pads may be used over and over for the same task.
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