Concrete Reinforcement Materials

///Concrete Reinforcement Materials
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Concrete Reinforcement Materials


  • GMT has 5 global locations producing concrete fibers
  • All locations use same standards to meet global requirements
  • All locations TS/ISO Certified
  • Steel fibers comply with ASTM A820 standards
  • Several fiber types and lengths available to meet specific applications


  • More cost-effective than traditional reinforcement due to the ease of mixing, placing, and finishing
  • Fibers are distributed throughout the concrete to provide added toughness, shear strength, and impact resistance
  • Reduced cracking due to concrete shrinkage
  • Does not require any special equipment to mix or finish


  • Industrial Slabs
  • Composite Metal Decks
  • Airport Pavements
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Loading Docks
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