Metallic Friction Fibers

///Metallic Friction Fibers
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Metallic Friction Fibers


  • GMT has 5 global locations producing metal friction fibers
  • All locations use the same specifications and standards to meet global requirements
  • All locations are ISO Certified
  • Wide variety of alloys for friction applications
  • Produced to customers’ required specifications
  • All product 100% inspected and certified

Low Carbon Steel Fibers:

  • Several grades offered from fine to coarse grade
  • Packaged to customers’ requirements (i.e. pounds or kilograms)
  • Proper metal chemistry for friction applications
  • For use in semi-metallic and low-metallic formulations

Copper Fibers:

  • For use in NAO/ceramic and low metallic applications
  • Fibers are made from copper with a purity of 99.9%

Brass Fibers:

  • A low-cost alternative to copper fibers
  • A substitute for reprocessed brass turnings
  • Made from lead-free 270 brass alloy (65/35 brass)


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