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Custom & Private Label

What can we make for you?

Sometimes what you need to bring your project to life doesn’t exist in anybody’s product catalog. Or, if it does exist, it may not perform to your standards or specifications. GMT can help.

For over 100 years our customers have been asking “Can you make it?” and we’ve been answering “Yes.” No matter if you are starting with a complete specification or simply an idea of the desired functionality, our R & D, production, and sourcing, teams have the expertise to make your project a reality.

Here are a few examples of products we’ve created for customers:

  • Sintered copper panels for RF shielding
  • Airbag filter
  • Fire suppression system filters
  • Aluminum fiber for blending with a polymer to improve heat transfer
  • Needle punched stainless steel wool pad with foam backing for cleaning glass ceramic panels
  • Zinc and copper fibers for use in anti-microbial water treatment media
  • Custom steel and stainless steel fibers for concrete reinforcement

What can we make for you?

Why choose GMT?

GMT currently manufactures a multitude private label products, representing over 140 million units annually, for some of the nation’s biggest, most well-known brands and retailers.

Why choose GMT for your private label project?

  • ISO certified
  • Advanced packaging and shipping systems for seamless integration with your distribution network
  • Ability to integrate customer quality controls
  • A Made in USA product


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