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Unique Alloys
  • Bronze wool can be used to polish teak wood on all marine craft, polish all metal and decorative metal surfaces, cleaning and polishing mirrors, windows, shower stalls and other glass surfaces. Bronze wool can also be used as an effective tool for blocking radio frequencies having to do with RF Shielding applications
  • Stainless alloys AISI 434 and AISI 316LU can be used in any cleaning, polishing, filtration and general industrial applications
  • Aluminum wool is an excellent choice for polishing aluminum surfaces as well as all sensitive decorative metal surfaces
  • Brass wool is used in any cleaning and polishing where moisture is present

Benefits to Non-Ferrous and Unique Alloy Reels:
  • GMT offers 3 ranges of thickness (called grades) fine, medium and coarse
  • Polishing - Bronze, Aluminum and Brass are softer alloys for finishing applications
  • Stripping and abrading - Stainless Steel is a hard metal in both ASLI 434 and ASLI 316LU alloys
  • Corrosion resistance - Stainless steel, brass and bronze wool offer excellent corrosion resistance when used in wet applications, or where exposure to the environment would cause discoloration or degradation
  • Available in 5 pound reels, 6 per case in all grades (30 pounds)
  • Special size reels available upon request
  • All reels are approximately 1/2" thick, 4" wide wound on to a cardboard core

GRADE COMPARES TO STEEL WOOL GRADE MILLIMETERS INCHES 434 Stainless 316 L Stainless Bronze Brass Aluminum
FINE #0-#00 50 microns (0.05mm) 0.002" (2 mils) 161060 155520 164510 164010 166520
MEDIUM #1-#2 80 microns (0.08mm) 0.003" (3 mils) 161061 155521 164511 164011 166521
COARSE #4 120 microns (0.12mm) 0.005" (5 mils) 161062 155522 161512 164012 166522