Abrasives and Polishing » Laminated Abrasives
Applications: For most polishing and stripping applications including wood, metals, marine surfaces, glass and marble where a power tool is required.

Metrix„ Laminated Abrasives Benefits:
  • Designed for use on power tools
  • Layer of steel wool abrasive is laminated to a synthetic backing
  • Hook-and-loop and peel-and-stick attachments are available
  • Ideal for random orbital, detail and palm sanders
  • Available in die cut shapes or sold in master rolls for customer conversion

Metrix„ Brand Metal Textiles Benefits:
  • Needle punched metal wool textiles are stronger and more durable
  • They can be die cut into wheels, pads and other useful shapes for use on power polishing and finishing equipment, such as rotary buffing machines
  • Composite steel wool pads are for use on higher RPM polishing and buffing machines
  • Compatible with high speed power hand tools