GMT Introduces Xcluder Rodent & Pest Control Products

January 11, 2008

West Lafayette, IN. Global Material Technologies, Inc. introduces its XCLUDER RODENT & PEST CONTROL products to the pest management industry at the 2008 Purdue University Pest Management Conference. Xcluder Rodent & Pest Control products are an updated technology based on the old-fashioned use of steel wool to plug up mouse holes. The GMT Product Development Department identified Integrated Pest Management as a target market for its metal fiber-based textile products in 2006. The result of its 18 month research and development program is the introduction of its full line of IPM materials, being marketed under the name Xcluderâ„¢.

The product line includes Xcluder: Outdoor and Xcluder: Indoor fill materials which are comprised of stainless steel fibers blended with polyester fibers to form a tough, resilient fill material that, once installed in rodent holes, prevents their further use. Laboratory and practical field trials have shown that Xcluder materials are 100% effective in blocking rodent holes. Xcluder products are non-toxic and economical. More information can be obtained by calling Dave Colbert at 847-495-4700 x112 or visit